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10 Reasons why it makes sense to use our Services




  1. 1. The Agency is run by a woman and mother. That means we understand perfectly well what your requirements, fears and expectations in the home are. Our Agency is run from Home. This puts us in a perfect position to  understand what the domestic worker’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, expectations and requirements are;  hence, more often than not, our placements, are not only right first time ,but they are long lasting!
  2. 2. The Agency Is our Full Time Only Concern! That means that we have all the time in our hands to deliver efficient service to you as well as constantly research new ways on how best we can improve!
  3. 3. The Agency takes pride in its quick turnaround process, we provide feedback to you instantly, Call today and you have a domestic worker the next morning!
  4. 4. Our Candidates undergo Pre –Interview Grooming and Assessments. That means by the time you meet them, we have separated wheat from chaff and given you the best!
  5. 5. The Agency understands the delicacy of maid – madam relationships and will replace the domestic worker free of charge! We understand that everyone has someone they relate with, they feel comfortable with, whose work standards match your expectations, and therefore we do not tire until you are happy and satisfied.
  6.  6. The Agency values and prioritizes the safety of your household valuables and children; therefore before sending out a domestic worker to you, we check her previous work history as well as her criminal record. We also verify Identification documents.
  7. 7. Our Agency values and prioritizes your convenience! The Process is quick easy and paperless, giving you time to mind other areas of your life like spending time with family or attending to work and business. You don’t have to come into our offices; we will send the domestic worker to you at a day, time and venue of your choice. This could be in the comfort of your home or at shopping centre. We will provide three ladies per interviews up to a maximum of two Interviews in case you didn’t get your match first time!
  8. 8. The Agency is accessible 7 days a week!
  9. 9. We cover an expansive geographical area including Johannesburg, East Rand, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town.
  10. 10. The Process is free up to the point of hiring! At Domestic Guardians, our Clients pay for tangible results! Service first, payment later! Our Placement Fees are affordable and reasonable! We give you peace of mind to find a domestic worker within your affordability spec.













Warren Whitcher (Lonehill)

"Hi Thembi, Thank you for the courtesy email - small touches like that truly reflect well on the service that you are delivering. In terms of feedback - I would just like to thank you for the placement of Rejoice with us. Rejoice is, easily, the best nanny that we have ever had - she is great with the kids, has a tremendous work ethic and displays a positive attitude that is inspiring - she has, truly, become part of the family. I hope we manage to hold onto her for many years to come, Thanks again -Kind Regards’’


Val Jensen  (Woodmead)

“Hi Thembi, I work to high personal standards and am not always the easiest to please, but you have most certainly done that with your extremely efficient, prompt, professional and always friendly manner of dealing with your customers.  I have absolutely loved dealing with Domestic Guardians - it has been a seamless experience, you delivered on every single undertaking, and I was able to select a suitable candidate for my position, one I am very happy with.  Never lose your efficient touch Thembi - it's unique and awesome!”


Roxanne Ives (Bryanston)

‘’Good Morning Thembi. I have suggested Domestic Guardians to everyone I know, after my son had been burnt by an iron from a previous nanny and her hiding it from me. I did not know what to do as I am working full time and my husband had been away for 6 months left me in a very bad position. After searching for hours I came across Domestic Guardians. The same day Thembi had set up 3 great candidates that I loved all of them but Ocean stood out the most. She started the very next day. With the comfort of her having all her checks done with Domestic Guardians it gave me great piece of mind that I had found someone great. Ocean is a fantastic nanny; she is hard working and a loving nanny who will do anything to keep our family happy. I would suggest Domestic Guardians to anyone looking for a reliable, honest and loving nanny to those moms looking for that comfort knowing your child is in safe hands. Thanks’’


Carolyn Davies (Northgate)

‘’My previous domestic left me suddenly. I have a 12 yr. old disabled child and a 3 yr. old boy and really need the help. I contacted Domestic Guardians via email. Thembi was very prompt and professional with her reply and within 2 weeks I had employed Lucy, a full time live in domestic with whom I am very happy. I will definitely recommend Domestic Guardians to others in similar situations. Regards’


Bernise Grobbelaar (Centurion)

‘’Thanks I met the ladies this afternoon! They were all so wonderful and I had a hard time choosing! I’m going to go with Zamantungwa! She’s everything I need and I’m so glad I found you!’’


Linda Brown (Fourways)

“Hi Thembi, I am always happy to promote good service! I was very satisfied that I was able to get a response from you within an hour from sending my email and that I was able to get a short list of suitable candidates the same day. I was also ecstatic that I could contact each domestic worker and arrange an interview over Easter weekend as I urgently needed a helping hand. Although I only short listed to interview two people and in the end only interview one, both people had really good references and good features that I was looking for. I am happy with my placement and have not had the urge to look for another domestic worker. I have heard people who have gone through 13 domestic workers and I am just glad I did not have to go through all that stress! Regards’’


Kanya Mashicila (Bloubosrand)

‘’Hi Thembi, I hope you are well! I don’t think I ever thanked you enough for placing Dorcas with
me! She’s a real star, especially with my boy. He’s grown sooo big, turning one on the 10th
December. She’s the best! She sends me pictures of him during the day and it’s like I never miss out
on anything. Sphe has developed wonderfully! Dorcas has become such a big part of my entire
family, my nieces love her – they go straight to her room when they visit, and get so disappointed
when it’s her weekend off.
People are always amazed when I tell them that Dorcas has been my one and only helper. I’ve had
no issues with her. She’s back on time every Sunday (I’ve never had to give her a specific time; she
just comes back around 5pm). She’s my son’s best friend!:-) He doesn’t want anyone else but me,
his dad or Dorcas! Haha! The best is that she’s been taking him to the park every day to try and
interact with other kids; I’m seeing a difference already!
What a peaceful lady, I am sooo blessed. Thank you for making my life so much easier, thank you for
your great service. Happy Holidays!’’



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