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Welcome To Our Site!

We are a Domestic Worker Training and Placement Agency in Johannesburg established in April 2012‎. We can assist you with a search for a perfect Housekeeper or Nanny! Please email us your vacancy details and we will provide you with CVs of candidates for Interview free of charge with no obligation at a day, time and place of your choice. Our clients only pay after hiring a successful candidate. For your convenience our candidates come to you! Interviews can be at your home, office or shopping centre

The candidates have been thoroughly screened, evaluated, assessed and their backgrounds have been checked. We pride ourselves with our pre-placement grooming methods which are both corrective and preventative. We have done all we could to ensure we give you an overally suitable and fit candidate


In addition, candidates have received some Training in any of the following Courses: Housekeeping, Childminding & CPR and are fluent in English. We believe they have been equipped with the sufficient skills to execute their duties efficiently and commendably!


Our affordable placement fees include a free replacement within 12 months, free temporary stand in staff placements when your domestic worker cannot come to work, optional assistance with contracts and UIF administrations.


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Areas of Speciality

1. Placement of Housekeepers, Cooks and Nannies

  1. 2. Domestic Courses: Housekeeping, Nanny, First Aid/CPR and Cooking
  2. 3. Consulting & Advisory Services for Harmonious & Stable Work Environments: Staff Appraisals, Conflict Resolution & Communication Skills
  3. 4. Human Resources Support: Background Checks, UIF Registrations, Contracts and Labour Laws


Getting in touch is easy!




Enquiries are best processed via email. We respond within 10 minutes of receiving your email.


Employers Email

Or Call: 078 258 1466

Jobseekers SMS /Whatsapp: 078 441 3903

Other Enquiries: 082 485 7162:



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